Jamaican Goals

Kingdom Outreach International and Prophecy and Promises are trying to reach these goals.goal

  1. Bring school supplies to 100 kids                    $2,000
  2. Feed 100 shut-ins and less fortunate             $600
  3. Build two bathrooms for the elderly             $14,000
  4. Supply Hospital with 12 wheelchairs            $2,100
  5. Shipping & Handeling                                       $1,300

Total  $20,000

Other request and cost.

1. There are currently has 7 request for bathrooms by qualified individuals. * 7 @ $7,000 each $49,000

2. A house for a qualified homeless couple with a new born.   @ $7,000

3. There is always travel and expenses.      Per trip $3,000


With these needs totaled and met KOI needs $65,000 to accomplish what is set before them at this time. Some workers in Jamaica only make $20 a day to give you an idea of the need.  So your giving no matter how large or small will help to meet the needs of those less fortunate. Thank you and we will be praying over every offering given to this mission. The Lord shall reward you greatly according to Proverbs 19:17.



* The 7 bathrooms @$49,000 include the 2 @ $14,000