Ministers’ Comments

But you must continue in the things which you have learned and been assured of, knowing from whom you have learned them. ~~ II Timothy 3:14

Dwayne is my right arm, and he is a Word man. I draw strength from him and rely on him much for prayer. I can call upon him day or night.

~~ Dr. Hilton Sutton

Your message was powerful, great content and very knowledgeable. Honestly, you did a masterpiece. I believe God has called you to teach on these End Times.

~~ Dr. Mark Barclay, Living Word Church, Midland, MI

I am honored to introduce to you the anointed ministry of Rev. Dwayne Byerly. I give him my highest recommendation. Should you choose to have him minister to your congregation, he will deliver a fresh and accurate word to your people concerning the prophetic Word of God and the world we live in today.

~~ Pastor Bill McRay, Victory Fellowship Church, Nashville, TN

Rev. Dwayne Byerly held a three-day meeting in my church. It was great hearing an End Time message preached that was not with a fearful expectation, but a hopeful anticipation. He delivers the truths in God’s Word, and not in a doom and gloom message, but one in which, as a child of God, we have nothing to fear in Jesus’ second coming. Through the Holy Spirit and the Bible, he illustrates how End Time prophecy in the Bible is happening in our current time and speaks about current events that are taking place leading up to Christ’s return. I recommend Dwayne, and I’m sure he will bless your congregation as he has mine.

~~Pastor Brett Martin, Bethel House of God, Adams, KY

Recently, we had Bro. Dwayne Byerly at Redeeming Love Fellowship to hold a prophecy seminar. It was uplifting as well as inspirational. He relates how America fits into End Time prophecy without doom, gloom or fear. We understand better what the Church’s role and America’s role is in these End Times. He is carrying on in the tradition of Dr. Hilton Sutton. His ministry is vitally needed in the body of Christ, and I highly recommend him to your congregation. Your church will be surely blessed.

~~Pastor Leroy and Iris Hulvey, Redeeming Love Fellowship, Shenandoah, VA

Yeshua Adonai Bible International Church in New York was honored to be visited by a mighty servant of the LORD, Rev. Dwayne Byerly. During the entire course of the seminar, the Church was blessed, and every heart was revived as Rev. Byerly, by God’s power and anointing, shared the good news about the End Times. We are confident that in the near future, Rev. Dwayne will be frequently visiting us. The Church eagerly waits for his next visit. Rev. Dwayne is the first servant of the LORD who visited and blessed the ministry of Yeshua in New York.

~~Benjamin Ytac, Yeshua Adonai Bible International Church, Queens, NY