About Dwayne

Reverend Byerly is a Virginia native who received the new birth at age nine in the Baptist Church, but fell away from the Lord by the time he was a teenager. He lived a life that was far from holy. He believed in abortion, was pro‑marijuana, and had very liberal views. He learned the hard way the price of living a compromised Christian life.

dwayne-headshotAfter rededicating his life to Jesus Christ, he began studying the Scriptures and soon found himself ordained and preaching the Gospel. For almost ten years, Dwayne has ministered the Word of God in prisons, men’s ministries, and numerous churches concerning the prophetic Scriptures and the signs of the times. He also sets out in the Scriptures events leading up to Jesus’ appearing and Second Coming.

dwayne03Rev. Byerly had the honor of serving as personal assistant and associate minister to Dr. Hilton Sutton, one of the world’s foremost authorities on Bible prophecy. Rev. Byerly was ordained into the ministry by Dr. Sutton and had the privilege of sitting under his teaching and sage wisdom for many years prior to Brother Hilton’s passing in February 2012. He imparted to Dwayne a conviction to make no qualms or apologies concerning the uncompromising Word of God, and to watch for the signs of the times of Jesus soon appearing.

IMG_0403During his meetings, Dwayne witnesses many people either accepting Jesus Christ as their Savior for the first time, or rededicating their lives to the Lord. He also witnesses Jesus working miracles of opening deaf ears, removing blockages, healing kidneys, and healings of cancer. It is his heart’s desire to continue to win the lost and encourage others to live a life that is uncompromising in the Word of God—by preaching, teaching, and healing the sick.